Social Media Management

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Advertising package starts from

€55,- per hour *
    • Advertising Budget Not Included
    • Advertising:  YES
    • Post Creation For Advertising:  YES
    • Social Media Strategy:  YES
    • Social Media Advise:  YES
    • Social Media Data Monitoring:  YES
    • Social Media Monthly Report:  YES
    • Social Media Lay-Out Design:  NO
    • Social Media Non-Advertising Post Creation:  NO
    • Social Media Webcare:  NO
    • Social Media Community building:  NO
    • Price is a hourly fee
    • Monthly terminable:  After 3 months
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If you are looking for success with your business, you should eventually expand to new customers, and social media is definitely the place to do it. Over the years, there has been a significant growth of internet users all over the world. In the year 2000, there were approximately 3 million internet users. Today, the ‘netizen’ population has more than doubled to billions! There is definitely nothing stopping it and is expected to grow further in the coming years.

This growth goes hand-in-hand with social media sites. Recently, a social media site has announced its milestone of over 1 billion users worldwide! Now, if you could tap into this pool of overflowing traffic, imagine what it could for you and for your business.

Social media websites can do a lot for your business or your media image if we are working on your online public image. Whether you are selling your product or extending your services, having an account with the top social media sites will boost you and your product’s popularity.

Aside from visibility, here are some of the benefits of social networks:

  1. Generate more traffic. One common marketing strategy is that your advertisement can direct the visitors onto a landing page on your website. Here, you could offer promos, discounts and other freebies. You could also arrange events and exclusive prizes to make their visit worthwhile.
  2. Product insight. Posting your products allow your viewers to share what they think about it. Because of this, you can have a clear idea why your product or service has or has not been generating a buzz into the market. You could also share about your products benefits so that you make your intentions clear to your chosen market.
  3. Loyal customers. Marketing by word-of-mouth is proven to be one of the best methods of getting your products or service noticed. To achieve this, your presence in social media is important in order to create loyal and engaged customers. These people help your business by sharing it among their circles of friends, who in turn share them with their friends’ friends. Watch your product go viral!
  4. Dialogue with customers. Successful businesses adopt excellent customer service to ensure returning clients. You could also do this with your social media by responding to inquiries and comments left by visitors. The sooner you answer, the better the impression you would give to your clients.

Every month, people all over the world spend 7 billion minutes on social media. Each of these social media sites could help you or your business’s visibility; however, managing all accounts is time consuming and troublesome. Fortunately, we specialize in the creation of social networks and how to get the most of them to get you new customers and engage with them. If you’re serious about your business, marketing through your social network is definitely a “must-do”.

(Dutch) Vraag geheel vrijblijvend een offerte aan. (English) Feel free to request an informal offer without any obligations.

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